Ceroc hosts workshops at weekends nattily called 'Cerocshops', these Cerocshops range from beginner to advanced. The Cerocshop environment is an excellent way of rapidly improving your dancing, with a maximum of 22 people in each workshop there is also a greater opportunity for personal tuition.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly, and there's no need to bring a partner.

These are 4 hour intensive Cerocshops which will help you either learn Ceroc very quickly if you are a beginner, or improve your dancing if you have been Cerocing for a while.

All our Cerocshops are held at weekends and you need to book in advance.

(See below for this information)




   BEGINNER Workshops

  Ask when the next one is available and BOOK in your venue.... 




This workshop is the equivalent of about 5 Beginners classes

A brilliant workshop to kick-start to your dancing and get you off to a great start.

After the workshop you will immediately have a repertoire of core beginners moves and you’ll be able to participate and enjoy the freestyle part of your regular Ceroc evenings.

  • ·         Ceroc Basics

  • ·         Most of the Beginners Moves

  • ·         How to link moves

  • ·         Turning and spinning

  • ·         Freestyle techniques

  • ·            Top teachers tips

Suitable for anyone who is a Ceroc Beginner and those that have never danced before.   It’s ideal if you have just started and wish to 'kick start' your dancing. Also suitable for dancers who just want to ensure that they develop good technique from the start.



We can really recommend the DVDs that are available to buy here as a great learning tool.